February 2014
Volume 55, Number 2
Sacral recapping laminectomy to treat sacral perineural cyst. The chiseling point of sacral lamina is approximately 3 mm medial to dorsal sacral foramina. Oblique chiseling is helpful when closing. The sacral laminae cap is closed using heavy silk 1/0 suture or miniplates.
Standards for Endovascular Neurosurgical Training and Certification of the Society of Korean Endovascular Neurosurgeons 2013
DS Shin, SQ Park, HS Kang, SM Yoon, JH Cho, BT Kim
The Neuroprotective Effects of Carnosine in Early Stage of Focal Ischemia Rodent Model
HS Park, KH Han, JA Shin, JH Park, KY Song, DH Kim
Brainstem Congestion due to Dural Ateriovenous Fistula at the Craniocervical Junction
Q Wu, HD Wang, YS Shin, X Zhang
1 / 2014    Volume 55, Number 1
The pipeline embolization device is a new endovascular device for treatment of complex, fusifor...
12 / 2013    Volume 54, Number 6
Illustration of a case of charcot arthropathy of the lumbosacral spine.
11 / 2013    Volume 54, Number 5
Illustration of the changes of the posterior cranial fossa in the Chiari malformation type I pa...
10 / 2013    Volume 54, Number 4
Sacral schwannoma mimicking aneurysmal bone cyst: Multi-septated enhanced cystic mass on MRI. I...
9 / 2013    Volume 54, Number 3
An occlusion of the left VA is observed at the C1-2 level on dynamic cerebroangiography when th...
8 / 2013    Volume 54, Number 2
Illustration showing clip placement to avoid compromising the anterior choroidal artery (AChA) ...
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