Volume 58 No 6  Cover Story

The transradial approach in the neurointerventions is becoming widespread. Accordingly, a better understanding of the anatomy are important to improve the safety of neurointerventions. This study provides basic anatomical information about the radial artery and the brachial route. The average length between the radial styloid process (RSP) and the radial artery puncture site (RAPS) was 13.41±2.19 mm, and the RSP was 26.85±2.47 mm from the median nerve (MN). The mean length between the medial epicondyle (ME) and the brachial artery puncture site (BrAPS) as 44.23±5.47 mm, whereas the distance between the ME and the MN was 42.23±4.77 mm. The average vertebral artery orifice (VAO)-subclavian artery (ScA) angle was 70.94±6.12°, and the length between the sternoclavicular joint (SCJ) and the VAO was 60.30±8.48 mm.