Volume 48 No 2  Cover Story

Upper : Longitudinal (right) and transverse (left) ultrasonograms of the right little finger show markedly hypoechoic about 4 x 6 mm sized mass-like lesion in the ulnar aspect of distal phalanx. Color doppler shows hypervascular mass. Middle : Preoperative and intraoperative photographs views of the lesion. Incision was made on the painful lesion after Love’s pin test (left). The arrow point to the glomus tumor in its in situ location. The glomus tumor is in the pulp of the distal phalanx of right little finger (middle). Gross appearance of the excised tumor (right). Lower : Histological sections of the tumor. The section demonstrates blood vessels surrounded by a proliferation of round cells in a fibrous stroma (H & E, x100) (left). The tumor is composed of multiple vascular channels lined by endothelial cells and aggregates of round cells with darkly staining round to ovoid nuclei and eosinophilic cytoplasm (H & E, x400) (right).