Volume 48 No 1  Cover Story

First low : MRI showing an ill-defined, multicystic cerebellar mass with hyposignal on T1-weighted images (left), hypersignal on T2-weighted images (middle), and rim enhancement after gadolinium injection (right). Second low : Intraoperative views showing a cystic mass in the cerebellar hemisphere (left) and a white cystic content, grasped with forceps (right). Third low : Photograph of the specimen showing dense collagen capsules with multiple cystic cavities and yellow cysts (upper) and photomicrograph of cyst wall of cysticercus cellusosae showing a wavy, eosinophilic lamina with hair-like protrusions (haematoxylin and eosin, original magnification, x40) (lower) (left). Postoperative-8-month T1-weighted axial postcontrast MRI scan showing no residual cyst with cerebellar surgical defect (right).