Volume 46 No 2  Cover Story

Schematic drawing showing the anatomical landmarks of the brachial plexus. (A) Chassaignac tubercle, (B) superior edge of clavicle, (C) inferior edge of clavicle, (D) inferolateral margin of pectoralis minor muscle, (a) uniting point with the upper trunk (UPUT), (b) dividing point of the upper trunk into the division (DPUT), (b*) dividing point of the middle trunk into the division (DPMT), (c) uniting point with the lateral cord (UPLC), (c*) uniting point with the median nerve (UPMN), (d) the exit point of the musculocutaneous nerve, (d*) uniting point with the ulnar nerve (UPUN). UT ; upper trunk; MT ; middle trunk; LT ; lower trunk.