Volume 43 No 1  Cover Story

< The past and the present > Photographs taken at Korean Neurosurgical Founding Ceremony in 1961 (Upper) and at ISPN meeting in 2007 (Lower). In upper photograph, from left Bo-Sung Sim, Ho-Jin Myung, Young-So Kim, Chu-Gul Lee, Nam-Sik Jung, Chul-Woo Lee and Hwan-Young Chung. From right Won-Mook Kim, Hun-Jae Lee, Jung-Hyun Woo, Jeong-Keun Kim, Tae-Joon Moon, Woong-Sik Kim and Kwang-Seh Rhim. In lower photograph, from left Joong-Uhn Choi (Korea), E Ventureyra (Canada), C DiRocco (Italy), J Peter (South Africa), Mayor of Liverpool city, M Walker (USA), C Mazza (Italy), H Rekate (USA) and A Hockley (UK).