Volume 45, Number 3 (3/2009) (page : 185-7) Case Report
Sacral Perineural Cyst Accompanying Disc Herniation
Chang Il Ju, MD1;Ho Shin, MD1;Seok Won Kim, MD1; and Hyeun Sung Kim, MD2;
1;Department of Neurosurgery, School of Medicine, Chosun University, Gwangju, 2;Department of Neurosurgery, Mokpo Han Kook Hospital, Mokpo, Korea

Although most of sacral perineural cysts are asymptomatic, some may produce symptoms. Specific radicular pain may be due to distortion, compression, or stretching of nerve root by a space occupying cyst. We report a rare case of S1 radiculopathy caused by sacral perineural cyst accompanying disc herniation. The patient underwent a microscopic discectomy at L5-S1 level. However, the patient's symptoms did not improved. The hypesthesia persisted, as did the right leg pain. Cyst-subarachnoid shunt was set to decompress nerve root and to equalize the cerebrospinal fluid pressure between the cephalad thecal sac and cyst. Immediately after surgery, the patient had no leg pain. After 6 months, the patient still remained free of leg pain. 

Key words : Sacral perineural cyst;Disc herniation.